Coaching & Mentoring

Sometimes you need someone to talk to – about your board, your staff, your executive director. Or, you are the executive director or development director and need a sounding board.

Leadership coaching for professionals and volunteers helps to ensure that leaders ​​​have the support, guidance, training and resources they need to carry out their demanding jobs to the best of their ability. By investing in people, organizations create growth cultures key for success and contribute to their overall organizational development and sustainability.

Nanette offers one-on-one telephone and face-to-face coaching and mentoring. All calls and meetings are private and confidential.

“​When I served as Interim Executive Director of the JCC, Nanette helped me manage very challenging situations, with the perspective of a seasoned businessperson and heart & soul of a friend. She was always available, always willing to listen and always able to offer ‘spot on’ strategic advice.”​

Julie Newburg
Managing Director, Hadassah Northeast

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